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Individuals and Communities

Individuals and Communities

Individuals And Communities

Inclusive and transformational organizational culture

Amdi Farms Limited exists because of a team of highly dedicated and passionate staff whose well-being and safety remain a priority in every stage and aspect of our operation. With diversity-friendly policies and a vibrant risk management process,

we are committed to ensuring that everyone who works with us thrives in an environment where respect, equity, and equal access to opportunities reign supreme.

Empowering partnerships with farmers, marketing actors and sectoral stakeholders

At Amdi Farms Limited, we consistently invest in our support system, made up of farmers, marketing actors, and sectoral stakeholders. Adopting inclusive engagement practices, we ensure that our work with each target group is tailored to their needs and preferences to identify/develop/implement environmentally-friendly standards for quality agricultural production.

Organizational practices that ensure safety for both employees and host communities

Safe agricultural production processes ensure that employees are protected from possible incidents at work while host communities are protected from any form of harm as a result of our utilization of land within their community.

This is important to us and remains a commitment that we seek to uphold and consistently improve the ways through which we work to apply it.

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