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The Environment

Investment in soil healt

Protecting the environment on which we rely remains vital to our work.

While we consistently explore new ways for better agricultural production, we also seek out and apply practices that protect the soil and promote its products.

Some of these practices include the planting of Cover Crops, Crop Rotation, amongst others.

Re-utilization of the nutrients from livestock production for cropping

We recognize that nutrient recycling is highly vital for sustainable farming. Thus, the integration of livestock and crop production in our operation allows efficient nutrient recycling through the utilization of animal waste for crop production.

Efficient Water Usage

The responsible utilization of water remains one of our key commitments toward environmental protection. Through the utilization of efficient irrigation systems, we seek to ensure the availability of water for our operations while using only what we truly need.

Climate-Friendly Technological Innovations

We recognize the role played by technology in promoting our operational efficiency. However, we seek to embrace technological innovations that are also climate-friendly through Energy Conservation, Low Carbon Emission, etc.

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